Background to the Japanese government’s response to Russia’s action


The Japanese government has condemned Russia’s recognition of two breakaway regions of Ukraine as independent. He claims that the action undermines the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and violates international law.

Japan has a sense of crisis that the problem may not be limited to Europe when it sees China’s growing maritime presence in the East China Sea and elsewhere.

Japan maintains that it cannot accept any unilateral attempt to change the status quo by force. He called on China to exercise restraint. Japan wants a “free and open Indo-Pacific” with countries that share common values ​​such as democracy.

The Japanese government sees that if it remains silent on Russia’s use of force, it could encourage further Chinese activity.

A government source says there would be a seismic shift in the international community if the world failed to prevent a military invasion by Russia.

The source says Prime Minister Kishida Fumio fears that such an event could affect the order of the Indo-Pacific region.

The Japanese government has not disclosed the content and timing of the sanctions it plans to impose in the event of a Russian invasion.

A senior Foreign Ministry official said it was difficult to determine what would constitute an invasion and coordination with other governments would be required.

A senior official in US President Joe Biden’s administration was asked if the administration would view the entry of Russian troops into breakaway regions as an invasion that would trigger US sanctions.

The official said the administration would carefully observe and assess Russia’s actions and respond accordingly.

The Japanese government is expected to decide on the details of the sanctions after studying responses from the United States and other Group of Seven countries.


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