Cambodia urges Myanmar to abide by 5-point deal


Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has urged Myanmar’s military leaders to follow through on a five-point agreement reached at an ASEAN meeting last year.

Hun Sen spoke online with Myanmar Chief General Min Aung Hlaing on Wednesday. Cambodia is chairing the Association of Southeast Asian Nations this year.

The talks come after Hun Sen visited Myanmar in early January to meet the military leader.

The Cambodian government said that during the latest talks, the prime minister expressed deep concern over the continuing violence in Myanmar.

He also said that Hun Sen again asked Min Aung Hlaing to implement the five-point agreement, including the immediate cessation of violence and the acceptance of a special envoy to mediate the dialogue.

Myanmar state television reported that the military leader told Hun Sen that Myanmar would do everything possible to cooperate with ASEAN.

ASEAN has refused to invite Myanmar’s military leader to the group’s summit meetings as the junta, which took power in a February 2021 coup, continues its crackdown on civilian protesters.

But Hun Sen expressed his desire to bring Myanmar back to the top of the group.

However, Indonesia and Singapore have said ASEAN should not accept Myanmar’s military leader at the summits unless progress is made on the five-point deal.


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