China condemns US ban on Russian energy imports


China has condemned the US ban on energy imports from Russia as a further sanction for Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian spoke at a press conference on Wednesday after US President Joe Biden announced the embargo on Tuesday.

Zhao said China firmly opposes the unilateral sanction which is not based on international law.

He said China and Russia maintain friendly energy relations and continue normal trade in crude oil, natural gas and other raw materials.

China is the largest importer of Russian crude oil. Russian President Vladimir Putin revealed during his summit with Chinese President Xi Jinping last month that an agreement had been reached to increase natural gas supplies from Russia to China.

Zhao also announced that the Chinese Red Cross will provide humanitarian aid worth 5 million yuan, or about $792,000, to Ukraine.

He said the first batch of relief was sent from Beijing on Wednesday and would be delivered to Ukraine as soon as possible.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Monday unveiled plans to provide Ukraine with emergency humanitarian aid. He said China is willing to continue its efforts to resolve the humanitarian crisis.


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