Diplomatic Blue Book: Russia ‘Illegally Occupies’ Japan’s Northern Territories


Japan’s annual diplomatic report criticized Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. It also mentions for the first time in 19 years that Japan’s Northern Territories have been “illegally occupied” by Russia.

The Foreign Office presented this year’s Diplomatic Blue Book at a Cabinet meeting on Friday. The report has been compiled annually since 1957.

The report says the world has now moved to a period of large-scale races between sovereign states, especially between the United States and China, from when the United States ensured stability and prosperity with its political and military power. overwhelming.

He says Russia’s continued military invasion of Ukraine has brutally undermined the foundations of an international order built over the past 100 years.

The report says that acts aimed at unilaterally changing the status quo by force should never be tolerated anywhere.

He says Japan will let Russia know it must pay a heavy price for its series of attacks through coordinated sanctions with other countries.

Japan and Russia never signed a peace treaty after World War II due to a dispute over four islands, or what Japan calls the Northern Territories. Russia controls the islands. Japan claims them.

The report says Japan is currently unable to predict how the bilateral talks for a peace treaty will develop. Russia has said it is suspending talks – an apparent response to Tokyo’s sanctions for invading Ukraine.

In a bid to promote talks, the report had not referred to the islands as being “illegally occupied” since 2003. This year’s report also mentions for the first time since 2011 that the islands are “an inherent part of the territory Japanese”.

This year, Japan and China are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic relations. The report refers to China as a major security concern, as it has close ties with Russia. He also notes that China has increased and expanded its military activities near Japan.

The report also refers to North Korea. He says the country’s repeated launching of various types of missiles can never be tolerated. He added that Japan will endeavor to fully implement relevant UN Security Council resolutions in cooperation with the international community.


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