Hayashi, Minister of Foreign Affairs: Japan will ask for a reform of the UN


Japanese Foreign Minister Hayashi Yoshimasa said the country would seek reform of the United Nations, including Japan’s permanent membership in the Security Council.

Hayashi was speaking at a press conference in Tokyo on Tuesday.

He referred to Russia’s veto in the Council at the end of February on a draft resolution criticizing the country’s invasion of Ukraine and demanding the immediate withdrawal of its troops.

Hayashi condemned Russia’s aggression, saying the outrageous act shows the need for a new framework of international order.

He said that Russia, as a permanent member of the Security Council, has a great responsibility in maintaining peace and security in international society.

Hayashi also said it is not easy to reform the council, as change involves complicated interests of member nations. But it pledged to do its utmost to achieve this goal by cooperating with many other countries.

He also referred to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s order to place his country’s deterrent forces, including nuclear weapons, on high alert.

Hayashi called the order a dangerous act and stressed that Japan, as the only country to have suffered atomic bombings, will strongly appeal against the use, or even the threat of use, of nuclear weapons.


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