India plays balancing act against Russian invasion


Demonstrations took place in the Indian capital over the weekend against Russia’s decision. But the country’s government appears to be walking a tightrope in balancing principle and diplomacy with Russia and the United States.

Dozens of students and their parents gathered in New Delhi on Saturday demanding an end to the invasion. One protester said: “War, wherever it is, must be condemned.

The UN Security Council on Friday passed a draft resolution condemning the invasion. The resolution was proposed by around 80 countries highlighting Russia’s isolation in the international community.
But Russia vetoed and India was one of three countries to abstain.
A senior Indian diplomat said his country expressed deep regret over developments in Ukraine during the emergency session and regretted that the path of diplomacy had been abandoned.

Foreign Minister Harsh Vardhan Shringla said: “I think we said diplomacy and dialogue are the only options and clearly from that point of view, I think, our position has remained consistent when it comes to It’s about coping with the current situation”.

India’s abstention came as Prime Minister Narendra Modi called on the leaders of Russia and Ukraine to make efforts to end the violence immediately through phone conversations.
Although he called for an end to the fighting, Modi did not explicitly condemn Moscow’s actions.

Its reluctance to do so reflects India’s dependence on Russia for arms supplies.

At the same time, the Modi government wants to maintain close ties with the United States, to counter China as it increases its influence in the Indo-Pacific region.


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