Japan applies additional sanctions against Russia


The Japanese government has formalized additional sanctions against Russia, including freezing the assets of President Vladimir Putin’s two adult daughters.

The move comes in response to the massacre of civilians on the outskirts of kyiv and elsewhere as part of the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The Cabinet approved the sanctions on Tuesday, saying the acts committed by Russian forces constitute war crimes and are absolutely intolerable.

Nearly 400 people will be added to a list of people subject to the asset freeze. They include Putin’s daughters, national lawmakers and people with ties to the military.

Russia’s largest and fourth-largest financial institutions, Sberbank and Alfa Bank respectively, will also have their assets frozen, along with 26 military-linked organizations, including state-owned companies.

New investments in Russia will be banned and imports of machinery, certain types of wood, vodka and other items will be prohibited.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno Hirokazu told reporters that the government believes it must impose tough sanctions on Moscow in cooperation with the international community to achieve a ceasefire as soon as possible and force Russia to end its invasion of Ukraine.


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