Japanese government develops rural digitalization plan


The Japanese government has developed a rural digitization plan as part of its initiative to expand digital technologies nationwide to revitalize rural areas.

Prime Minister Kishida Fumio, relevant cabinet members and experts agreed on the basic plan during a meeting in Tokyo on Wednesday.

The government sees digitalization as a key to solving local problems, such as depopulation and industry exhaustion. The plan aims to use digital technologies to create jobs in local areas and attract people from urban areas.

One of the goals of the plan is to have 1,000 municipalities across the country make targeted efforts for digitization by the end of March 2025. Another is to assign staff to 100 local areas to play a central role in community building based on digital technologies. .

The plan also aims to secure more than 20,000 people as digitization promoters, who are expected to help older people use digital equipment and services. The government also plans to train 2.3 million people in digital expertise by the end of March 2027.

In terms of digital infrastructure, the plan sets a target of covering 99% of the population with 5G networks by the end of March 2031.

The government is expected to endorse the plan at a Cabinet meeting soon.


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