Kishi: Japan will provide additional aid to Ukraine


Japanese Defense Minister Kishi Nobuo said the country would provide additional aid to Ukraine in response to his government’s requests.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Kishi said the government had decided to provide binoculars, lighting and medical equipment.

He said some of the supplies will be flown in by US planes. He noted that the government was seeking to deliver the items quickly using civilian aircraft as well.

Kishi also said that Japanese body armor and helmets had already been delivered to the Ukrainian government. The items are part of the defense equipment offered to Ukraine, which also includes heavy winter clothing and emergency food supplies.

An Air Self-Defense Force C2 transport plane landed in neighboring Poland on Monday after leaving its base in Tottori prefecture on Thursday.

Kishi said the aid reflected Japan’s and the United States’ joint solidarity with Ukraine, which is resisting Russian aggression. He said Japan would act resolutely in accordance with the international community against Russia’s actions. He added that the government will continue to provide all possible support to protect the lives of Ukrainians.


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