Kishi tells Ukrainian envoy Japan’s support


Japanese Defense Minister Kishi Nobuo told the Ukrainian ambassador that Japan would continue to provide all possible support to the country currently under Russian invasion.

Kishi met with Ambassador Sergiy Korsunsky in Tokyo on Wednesday.

He said he shared Ukrainians’ deep sadness and anger at the situation where many lives are being lost due to Russian aggression, which is a serious violation of international law.

The defense minister said that Japan will support Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. He reiterated that Japan will work with other parties to resolutely confront aggression, so as to protect the foundations of international order.

Kishi told the Ukrainian envoy that a Self-Defense Forces plane left Japan on Tuesday evening to deliver items, including body armor and helmets, to Ukrainians in response to their request.

The Ukrainian ambassador expressed his gratitude for the support, which is unprecedented for Japan. In principle, Japan does not send defense equipment to warring parties.

Speaking to reporters after the talks, Korsunsky expressed concern that Russia’s attacks are expected to grow fiercer. He added that Russian forces now appear to be launching reservists in their attacks on targets, particularly the capital Kiev.

He appealed for various support from the international community.


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