Kishida announces new sanctions against Russia


Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio announced additional sanctions against Russia.

He said Japan would freeze the assets of about 140 more people, as well as more assets of Russian banks. About 70 other military-related entities will be added to the export ban. Quantum computers and other high-tech products will be banned from export to Russia.

Kishida was speaking in London on Thursday, where he concluded his week-long tour of Southeast Asia and Europe. He said: “The G7 has played a leading role in the efforts of the international community to deal with the situation in Ukraine. We must further strengthen the unity of the G7 to protect world peace and order.”

The Prime Minister visited Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand before arriving in Europe. He said that he and the leaders of the three countries reaffirmed that sovereignty and territorial integrity must be respected everywhere in the world.

Kishida told reporters, “We must not allow any unilateral change of the status quo by force in the Indo-Pacific. Faced with the current crisis, Japan must promote its initiative of a free and open Indo-Pacific.

Kishida also said he and his counterparts discussed the increasingly difficult security situation in East Asia, including North Korea’s missile and nuclear programs.

He also referred to the East and South China Seas, where China is stepping up its activities.

Kishida said he and Southeast Asian leaders agreed to work together to address these security issues, including the kidnapping of Japanese nationals by North Korea decades ago.


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