Kishida calls for more investment in Japan


Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio called for increased investment in Japan in a speech in Britain’s financial hub, the City of London.

Kishida began his speech Thursday by condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. He stressed that Japan will work with the international community to take action against Russia’s aggression.

The Prime Minister said he wanted to convey one message, which is to “Invest in Kishida”. He said Japan’s economy will continue to grow strongly and it will continue to be a trade and investment powerhouse open to the world.

Kishida added that Japan will ease coronavirus border controls next month to allow smooth entry into the country like other G7 members.
He said he aims to double Japanese people’s income from asset investing by introducing the “asset-based income doubling plan” to promote the shift from saving to investing.

Kishida said the government will develop national strategies in five areas including AI, quantum technologies, biotechnology, digital technology and decarbonization. The government plans to offer incentives to companies that increase their investment in research and development in these areas.

He said the government aims to make new investments of 150 trillion yen, or about $1.1 trillion, by working with the private sector over the next 10 years to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions. by 2050.

Kishida also explained that the government will establish a comprehensive policy roadmap until 2030.


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