Launch of an international group to fight manga and anime piracy


An international organization has been launched to fight manga and anime piracy. The Japan Overseas Content Distribution Association, or CODA, manages the organization.

The International Anti-Piracy Organization held its first online meeting on Tuesday. Copyright protection groups and government agencies from the United States and Southeast Asian countries were among the attendees.

CODA Representative Director Goto Takero said piracy sites are thriving across borders in the context of content digitization.

He called on members to exchange information to contribute to international measures.

International reconciliations are essential to prevent piracy, as the operators of illegal sites generally establish their bases outside the countries where the copyright owners are based, in order to avoid any investigation.

The new organization will research illegal sites, provide its findings to the authorities of the countries concerned and urge them to launch investigations.

The organization plans to call on many more countries to join.

Goto says some countries are hesitant to take anti-piracy measures because they don’t have competent investigative authorities or targeted content for piracy. He stresses the need to share awareness of the issue among many countries.


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