Leaders agree to strengthen Japan-US alliance


The leaders of Japan and the United States concluded a bilateral summit.

The meeting comes as the world remains focused on the fighting in Ukraine. Prime Minister Kishida Fumio and President Joe Biden have both stressed the need to protect this part of the world.

Kishida said: “I have announced my determination to secure a larger defense budget, and President Biden has strongly supported it. We have also agreed to expand and deepen our Japan-US cooperation to ensure security. “.

Biden said, “I applaud Prime Minister Kishida’s determination to strengthen Japanese defense capabilities as well. A strong Japan and a strong U.S.-Japan alliance is a force for good in the region.”

They say they will continue to play a leading role in the defense of the Indo-Pacific region.

The two nations will work with South Korea to keep tabs on North Korea as it advances weapons development.

China’s influence also played an important role in the talks.

Kishida said, “We have stressed the importance of ensuring peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait, which is an essential element for the peace and prosperity of the international community. We also called for a peaceful solution to the cross-strait issue.

The couple’s discussion of international unity extended to the United Nations.

They agreed on the need for reform, and Biden said the United States would support Japan’s bid to become a permanent member of the Security Council.

Kishida also used the event to announce his desire to hold the G7 summit next year in Hiroshima, where his constituency is located.

He says it would send an important message for global nuclear disarmament.


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