Matsuno: North Korea’s recent moves are ‘unacceptable’


The Japanese government spokesman said recent actions taken by North Korea, including ballistic missile testing, are completely unacceptable.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno Hirokazu was speaking to reporters on Monday.

The day marks 10 years since North Korean leader Kim Jong Un took over as leader of the ruling Workers’ Party.

Matsuno said Japan’s policy towards North Korea has not changed. He said Japan aims to comprehensively resolve abductions, nuclear and missile issues, settle the unfortunate past and normalize relations with the country, in line with the 2002 Pyongyang Declaration.

He said North Korea’s recent actions such as firing ballistic missiles, including one at intercontinental range in March, are heightening tensions and posing a threat to the peace and security of Japan and the international community.

Matsuno said Japan would work closely with the United States and other members of the international community to get North Korea to completely denuclearize.

He said the issue of Japanese nationals abducted in North Korea was a top priority for the current government. He added that his government will not miss a single opportunity to bring back all abductees as soon as possible.


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