North Korea may hold a military parade on its birthday


North Korea celebrates the 90th anniversary of the founding of its military on Monday. Speculation is growing that the country will hold a large military parade in the capital Pyongyang for the occasion.

The late Kim Il Sung, the grandfather of current leader Kim Jong Un, founded the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army on April 25, 1932. It was the predecessor of the current Korean People’s Army.

Ahead of Sunday’s anniversary, Korea’s state-run Central News Agency stressed that only victory awaits the country’s military, which is ushering in a new era under undefeated leadership.

Last week, a US research group released satellite images taken near Pyongyang. Footage shows thousands of troops and numerous vehicles moving in formation at an airport outside the capital. Military jets and helicopters could also be seen lined up at an international airport in the capital. The US group said its analysis pointed to the possibility that the North is preparing to hold a parade on the anniversary of the founding of the army to show off its last weapons.

The last time North Korea held a parade involving its regular army was in January 2021.

South Korea’s Yonhap news agency reported that the parade could feature weapons such as an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of carrying multiple nuclear warheads and a new short-range ballistic missile capable of carrying small nuclear warheads.

North Korea has repeatedly denounced the joint US-South Korean military exercises which will continue until next Thursday. The international society is watching the North closely.


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