Public universities in Afghanistan fully reopen


Public universities in Afghanistan have fully reopened to all students for the first time in six months amid international calls for better education for women.

The Taliban closed public universities and banned female students from secondary schools after they regained power in August. The group said boys and girls could not study in the same place according to their interpretation of Islamic teaching.

The Taliban reopened 31 universities on Saturday. The other eight of the country’s 39 public universities had already reopened in early February.

On Saturday morning, female students entered the Kabul University of Education campus with Taliban members standing guard.

The university has separate class schedules for men and women. Women’s classes start at 6:30 a.m. and men’s classes at 4 p.m.

A female student said the Taliban reopened universities probably because of international pressure.

A spokesperson for the Taliban-run Ministry of Education told NHK that all students, including women, are attending class without any problem. He added that the Taliban are committed to what they have promised the Afghan people and the international community.

The group says it will also reopen secondary school classes for women at the end of March.


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