Shanghai begins strict COVID restrictions


The eastern part of Shanghai is under strict restrictions on exits as authorities try to stop a rise in the number of coronaviruses.

The city of more than 24 million people is being split in two for a staggered citywide testing program.

Tubes heading to the eastern half came to a halt after restrictions took effect there.

The city center is quiet. Police wear protective gear.

On Sunday, Chinese health authorities announced about 6,000 new cases of community infection in the country.
This is roughly the level seen in February 2020 when infections spread in Wuhan city.

Funabashi Ken of JETRO Shanghai said, “Shanghai has the largest container handling port in the world. Trucks cannot enter or exit. The impact on the global supply chain is of serious concern.

Residents of the eastern half of the city must take PCR tests by Friday. Those in the western half are to be tested when restrictions are in effect there from Friday until next Tuesday.

Authorities are imposing restrictions to limit people’s movement during testing periods.

Meanwhile, the number of new coronavirus cases in Tokyo is up from a week ago. Tokyo officials reported more than 4,500 new cases on Monday. That’s about 700 more than last Monday, for the second straight week-over-week increase.

Authorities reported more than 29,000 new cases in the country on Monday.

The number of critically ill patients stood at around 690.


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