Southeast Asia adds to opposition voices


The peoples and governments of Southeast Asia are adding their voices of opposition to the invasion of Ukraine.
Dozens of angry protesters marched out in the Thai capital on Friday to express their outrage at Russia’s military actions.

Thai and Ukrainian residents called on Russia to call off its attacks, holding signs of the Ukrainian flag and caricatures of Putin’s face.

A Ukrainian protester said her friends were spending the night in a subway shelter because of the shelling. She said she wants Thai people and “the whole world” to know what Ukrainians are going through.

A Thai protester said she and others came “as humans and activists who don’t want war”. She said she was worried about how the Ukrainian people would suffer from the war.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo tweeted a message on Thursday night saying, “Stop the war. War brings misery to mankind and endangers the whole world.”

The current chairman of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, held a press conference on Thursday following a meeting with the Malaysian prime minister. He said they had discussed the crisis and their desire for a peaceful solution.


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