Taiwan’s Tsai orders increased surveillance around the strait


Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen has asked the military and relevant agencies to increase their monitoring and vigilance over military activities around the Taiwan Strait.

The presidential office said Tsai was briefed on Wednesday by a special task force on Ukraine, which was set up last month.

She said Taiwan “denounces Russia’s encroachment on Ukraine’s sovereignty” and “as a member of the international community, Taiwan stands ready to participate in all efforts that contribute to a peaceful resolution of this dispute”.

Tsai then called on Taiwan’s security agencies and military to “double their efforts to monitor and provide early warning of military developments in the Taiwan Strait and surrounding areas” and to continue to strengthen their preparedness to “react quickly and efficiently to any potential development”.

She also said the situations in Taiwan and Ukraine are fundamentally different in terms of “geostrategic factors, geography and the importance of our role in international supply chains.”

But she added that relevant agencies must “heighten their guard against cognitive warfare from outside forces as well as their local collaborators” and “strengthen efforts to clarify misinformation.”

Tsai did not mention China at the meeting, but last month she expressed empathy for Ukraine’s situation, saying Taiwan had long faced military threats from China.


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