Ukrainian evacuee takes her first Japanese lesson


A Ukrainian woman evacuated to Japan took her first language course thanks to a group of Japanese language schools across the country.

The group, Japanese Supports for Ukrainian Students, is a network of approximately 40 Japanese language schools. It offers Ukrainian students a tuition-free education. It has so far hosted eight evacuees.

Yuliia Chepizhko was enrolled in a school in Osaka, western Japan, last week. Monday was his first day at school, I-seifu.

After a tour of school facilities, she took a Japanese course. She introduced herself in Japanese, saying she likes watching dramas and anime programs.

The school now has three Ukrainian evacuees. He says Ukrainian students will benefit from various types of support to help them adapt to local life. Some neighborhood restaurants even offer food.

The school also plans to offer psychological support to Ukrainians, who have been forced to flee from a horrific situation.

School principal Hiraoka Norito says Chepizhko must have felt like she had finally joined Japanese society. He says that as she gets more comfortable, she will be able to make friends and focus on her studies.


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